we like to welcome you to the 3D Interactive Heart Anatomy Viewer. This site addresses everyone interested in building up or reflecting his visual comprehension of the human hearts annatomy. It offers highly interactive 3D visualization of the heart in its healthy state and for 25 frequently occuring heart deseases. It is especialy valuable for medical students, patients and some medical experts hopefully.
To support trainings of transthoracic echocardiography the 3D Interactive Heart Anatomy Viewer contains intergrated extensions already. Nowadays these extensions are accessible only for a closed user group (see member login below). May be in the near future it will be feasible to open up the extensions to a broad public by acquiring sponsors from the industry who like to support this services.

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For all members the 3D Interactive Heart Anatomy Viewer offers additional visualizations for trainings in transthoracic echocardiography.
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To display highly interactive 3D visualizations some requirements and technical aspects has to be regarded.

To display real time 3D graphics on this site your browser needs the 3DVIA Player plugin (ActiveX plugin). Please install it from the software manufactures home page dl.3dvia.com before you login. The left handed button will show up the manufactures installation pages. Please read the system requirements stated by the manufacture in order to check the ability of your computer to display the 3D contents properly.

Technical aspects : The 3D Interactive Heart Anatomy Viewer will download 3D models on demand. Therefore network traffic on this site is higher than on normal internet pages (e.g. 7 MB to download the models for the healthy heart). Waiting time will depend mainly on the speed of your connectivity which should be 1.028 kbytes/sec at least. Your browser will store the downloaded model in its data cache as long as the cache will not be cleared. Therefore subsequent sessions should work with significantly reduced download times in comparison to the first run.